I teamed up with Creative Mammals for a new network launch. Defy is a multi-platform network that provides premium, action-packed content that fearlessly confronts the norms of reality television. With over 6,000 hours of content, which is largely made up of A&E original series, Defy has access to all the best of reality TV, with OTA (over-the-air) exclusivity for these shows. Scripps tasked Creative Mammals with elevating the network’s launch campaign by creating a brand identity that brings together thrill, adventure, craftsmanship, education, trade, and real-life people into one ultra-sleek package.

By breaking down and abstracting different aspects of the network’s 3D logo, we were able to create a recognizable graphic system which uses the 3D logo shapes as backgrounds and transitional elements throughout the deliverables. To accompany the gorgeous, ultra-sleek 3D aspects of the design, we used a grid system to create a series of 2D rectangular bar shapes that would be stacked and scaled according to the grid for a variety of use cases.
In conjunction with a vast breadth of network, promotional, and social deliverables, we used the Essential Graphics panel within Adobe After Effects to create a fully customizable graphics toolkit, which can be easily adjusted by producers and editors alike, for all of the network’s future needs.

Using the Essential Graphics panel within Adobe After Effects, we created a completely custom graphics toolkit with extensive functionalities. When building out this toolkit, we needed to ensure that the designs we’d established throughout this process could be easily and elegantly translated into a variety of future use cases. We were also mindful of creating a toolkit that would be extremely user friendly, so virtually anyone could find their way around it without issue. Though this is just a snippet of what it looks like inside the toolkit, the possibilities are endless for customization of network, promotional, and social deliverables.
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