For the second season in a row, UTOKA was tasked with post producing the show title and graphics packaging for the South American Fashion show, Temporada De Moda. This time, we got studio shot footage of the contestants in order to bring the title to life. This project was interesting in that there was a completely open brief. Other than an already edited green screen version of the contestants and a small design package, we were asked to run wild with it.
Because of the wild original edit with time ramps and split screens built in (and no tracking markers) we were also tasked with tracking the contestants by hand. Yes. By hand. All of the moves in the "attached" graphics are tied to a 3D null layer as free hand camera work in after effects that was animated frame by frame as well. I only mention this as I am very proud of those tracks :)
Primary Roles: Art Direction, Design, 2D+3D Animation
Primary Tools: My hands, Cinema 4D, After Effects
Produced by UTOKA
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